"I created Meta-Arts because I found too much information on becoming a successful artist, and too few strategies and plans that translated those ideas into real world action."

John Murray

My Story


This is John Murray, and I want to thank you for taking the time to visit me on my website.

Along with being an artist myself, I help motivated artists take their career and practice to the next level.  These past 10 years, I’ve been making artwork in the capital of the world in the most artist dense neighborhood in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Emerging, mid-career, and professionals alike, if you have aspirations beyond the four walls of your studio, and intend to support a quality of life from your art practice, then allow me to help you navigate the fine art world.

This is not a sell your art online education; my interest lies in opening your eyes to the range of opportunities available to artists, of which an online business is only one.  Nor is it a series of lectures alone.  Meta-Arts is an ever-growing system that you can follow step by step to pursue the art career that you specifically want.  

I believe – because we’ve all seen it – that artists can have both financial stability and respected status in the art world.  Luck is a superstition.  Success can be earned not merely endowed.  With the right tools, maturity, an open mind and the proper guidance, all artists can be successful. 

That’s why I created Meta-Arts.

This may sound different to you, but as a working artist I have no interest keeping to myself what I’ve learned over the years.  I sing a different tune because in today’s market there is plenty of opportunity for us all.  It’s more important to me that artists thrive, and that fine art maintains its cultural significance. 

The carefully laid plans and strategies I’ve developed for my own art career, are the cornerstone of the Meta-Arts trainings.  I learned early on that if I was going to get anything done, I needed clear systems of operation.  Fortunately, unlike a long-winded book, my actionable, fill-in-the-blank plans, are easy to share, and find their value not just in the translation of an idea, but by follow-along processes that are measured by results.    

How many books have you read that never translated into any real action?  Or how many lectures or online seminars have you attended on being a successful artist that ever resulted in having a clear and outlined plan?  Most educators prefer to rest on the strength of their ideas alone; very few take the time to translate their ideas into actionable plans that people can use in the real world. 

Many people say that topics like securing gallery representation or writing content that attracts the right collectors for your practice is too hard to break down into any single plan.  I disagree.  There are universal patterns in all businesses that can be boiled down to key concepts that require specific actions.  I’m not saying everyone’s path is the same, but I am saying that there is an architecture to experience, and you increase the probability of your success if you follow what’s worked for people in the past.  

My guides are created from my own real world experience along with the best content I could find on both being an art professional, as well as a small business owner in a technologically modern world.  There’s something very different happening out there in business today (niche audience targeting), and it’s a unique opportunity for artists to develop innovative streams of income to support their life and practice. 

I use the Meta-Arts training, strategies, and plans every day in my own art business.  It is a tremendous relief for me, knowing that I have a system I can pick up anywhere, at any time, and begin right where I left off.  That’s something no book or seminar can give you, and it’s a huge time-saver. 

Did I mention that all my plans are mobile friendly so that you can edit your data and build your art career while on the go?  We’re also developing an app.  That’s the Meta-Arts difference.

If you’re reading this now, it means that you are unsatisfied and refuse to accept the typical starving artist programming.  Me, too.  Connecting with you, is the true value of Meta-Arts for me. 

Here’s my challenge to you.  My next big project is to create a completely brand new body of work, and to put it through the Meta-Arts system.  This time, I’m going to document every step along the way to couple the Meta-Arts training with real world live examples you can study at home while going through the programs and coordinating your own art practice.

After all is said and done, your artistic success comes down to your commitment and your community.  Have you ever heard the phrase that, “Your net-worth is only as good as your network?”  Right now, you have the opportunity to join my community of artists and we can do this together.  You can build your art career, right alongside my own, and you’ll have the opportunity and real-time support that will not be available to artists that wait, and get involved in the community further down the road. 

Get the benefit of the added attention and assistance from my core circle of artist professionals. 

Try out a program and vet me for yourself.  You have nothing to lose, except what could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

I’m grateful to you for taking the time to check out my website.  It’s a real privilege for me to share my own story.  Let’s talk again soon, and I hope you’re motivated to invest in yourself, make a change, and pursue the dream that originally inspired you to become an artist in the first place.


Thank You For Your Artwork,